Avocado Donuts

So today I went shopping with my partner and we were just walking around the city and when we decided to stop for a cup of coffee on this little food caravan with handmade stuff, but the big reason we go to these places is because my partner is gluten intolerant so we like this little places because we know that they always have something delicious that she can eat!

The lady that already know us told us that she had something new and it was, can you guess??? Yeah that’s right an avocado donuts and let me tell you they were delicious!

This avocado donuts was made with dark chocolate and avocado topped with avocado and lemon cream, it was to die for!

Who doesn’t like donuts? Well everyone loves donuts but you always think about that extra pound on the balance, but well that days are over!!! From now on my guilty pleasure will be the avocado donuts, oh my god, I can’t get out of the fact that they are healthy and delicious at the same time!

We had talked in previous conversations that I loved avocado and she had told me that she would do something to sell as she didn’t have any avocado based product and she told me today that the avocado donuts were a success!

I didn’t even know that avocado donuts were trendy until this lady told me, came back home did my research on internet and yeah It Is very trendy in America but in England not yet, I never had heard about this but I am so happy that I found this!

I found some recipes that you can do at home I’m going to try it out and then I will tell you guys how did it go!

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5 thoughts on “Avocado Donuts”

  1. Wow this is awesome. I love avocado, though I have never heard of avocado donuts before. This is definitely worth trying for. I will check out some avocado donut recipes. I’m sure my daughter would love it too. We have been looking for ways to eat healthy and this I think is another healthy alternative. Thank you  for sharing.

  2. Wow! Seriously? I sure would love the recipes for these! I have never heard of them – are they flourless? Grain free? I do eat a lot of avocados and have never associated them with donuts or anything else sweet.

    I am very curious about these and will be watching your site to see if a recipe is shared!

  3. Wow… This is really amazing. I’ve never heard of avocado donuts before. I’m sure they tasted great. Your description and the pics you have above makes me salivate already. I can’t wait to read how you go with your recipe. Hoping to try it out too. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi, 

    This is an interesting topic.

    I love avocados. I usually mush it and add condensed milk and put it in the freezer for an instant ice cream, but avocado donuts? I think that is something that needs to be tried!

    What does it takes like? Is it sweet like a regular donuts?  I am wondering if you have a recipe for it or how to video? Would be nice if we can try it out. 


    John Greg

  5. Hi Lily. Great article. Avocado donuts? Really? Now there are two ingredients I would not have ever considered combining. Chocolate and avocados!! That combination does not sound good at all, but if you say it’s delicious I’ll take your word for it, find some recipes and give them a try. I have a few close friends who are either gluten intolerant or have celiac disease. 

    This sounds like a great breakfast or desert for them. Thank goodness it’s becoming easier and easier to find recipes and ingredients to make gluten free meals that someone can actually enjoy eating. 

    Thanks for the info.


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