Avocado Oil – The Avocado Oil Uses & Different Types

Hi everyone, today I’m gonna talk to you about the avocado oil. In the last decade the avocado has been in great search as been very popular within the vegetarian, vegans and people trying to lose weight, but you can do so much with them!

To be honest and fair with you the avocado is a SUPERFOOD!

The Avocado Oil Uses


The avocado oil has so many uses, its amazing the choices you have to use it however you want!

The avocado oil is amazing to cook is a great addiction to your kitchen, if haven’t tried yet it is TIME NOW!!!!

Unlike the “greasy” oils like vegetable oil or soybean varieties, avocado oil has an AMAZING texture, taste and aroma, I’m telling you, you won’t regret it.

They are a great substitute for olive and coconut oil.

One thing that people are using avocado oil is as a butter substitute, you can use it in baking, toasts, frying eggs, to be honest anything you want and is so much healthy and definitely you gonna find the aromas so captivating and you will LOVE IT!

Another great idea is dressing salads, do your own avocado mayo, make your guacamole or in spiced aioli.


As you might have heard the avocado are great for your skin like many other oils or fruits!


They are best known as:


  • Anti-Aging as the healthy fat helps reduce inflammation, lowering redness and also fighting that ugly wrinkles that we all know!
  • Moisturizes and nourishes, the avocado contains vitamin E, potassium and other nutrients that will help your skin being healthy. The avocado is very easy to be absorbed by your skin and this will help to form new and beautiful and glowing skin.
  • Prevents and treats acne, the avocado oil can keep your skin hydrated without leaving an oily residue after washing it. The avocado oil has anti-inflammatory effects and was key for my fight against acne, this one will help you reduce redness and inflammation.
  • Psoriasis and eczema, they are known as dry, irritated and skin breaking out. The avocado oil may help your skin heal because of all his vitamins and antioxidants.

    But you should always make a little test on your skin to see if your skin agrees with it, give it a day or so as you don’t want to make it worse!

  • Sun burned skin, from all vitamins, proteins and other fat acids in the avocado oil can help heal and soothe the burned skin. Eating avocados on your regular diet can help your skin protect itself from the sun (UV radiation).


Benefits of Using Avocado Oil on Hair

You can use avocado oil for your hair.

The oil is full of nutrients as you already know from previews posts, eating healthy is the best way to keep your hair strong and shiny.


Treating your hair with avocado can moisturize, repair, and make your hair strong.


Avocado oil in your scalp can help stimulate blood flow and heal cuticle cells, which can prevent hair loss.


There is so many products and creams avocado based that you can buy to use on your hair but as I had problems with hair loss always used avocado oil and had major results.





Which Is The Best Avocado Oil? Refined Or Unrefined?

There is the question that many ask, but let me tell you!

The refined oil based on his high heat tolerance is best for cooking only due to his smoking point. On other end the heat and chemicals to get the oils out and all its subtle flavors, colors and nutritional value, reduces or changes some of these properties in the oil which is what we don’t want when using for other things other than cooking.

Then you have the unrefined oil, and the unrefined oil you have two techniques the expelled or the cold pressed.

The expelled is when you press the avocado and all his oils came out and no chemicals or heat are applied. And these his the healthiest way you can have the avocado oil.

The cold pressed is when the avocado are heated but not above 50C(120F). And then pressed but all his flavor and nutritional value are not lost in the process.


Avocado vs Avocado Oil

The differences between the avocado and its oil its almost none!!!

To me they have different uses. The avocado fruit is just great when added to your diet, but I will advise you to don’t use both at the same time because the avocado oil is a concentration of the avocado fruit and might be more caloric and fatty because of his lower vitamins and minerals content, but is great when using as a substitute of other ingredients such as butter or other oils or as a dressing for your salads, marinating your food or even infusing herbs.


I hope you guys have enjoyed this post!

The avocado oil has helped me in so many ways, let me say that my health when I was a teen it wasn’t great! When a friend of mine introduced me the avocado and its oil made so many things better, I had acne problems and I used so many products but none done nothing, but after a month my face it was amazing and reduced half of that ugly spots in my face and redness.

I had also hair loss problems and I started put a tiny bit of avocado oil in my scalp and then massaging it, I used to do twice a week and after some months a saw the results on my brush!

So if you have any of the problems I posted up on the post that the avocado might help just give it a go, I’m sure you won’t regret it, I’m telling you I didnt and nowadays I do cook mostly with avocado oil which is for me the healthiest oil in the market!

If you have any question leave it below or if you liked this post share it on social media!

Thank you,






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4 thoughts on “Avocado Oil – The Avocado Oil Uses & Different Types”

  1. Thanks for outlining all the great benefits of avocado oil. I’ve never heard of it before. Would you find it in a normal supermarket or would you need to go to a specialist health food store? It sounds like a great alternative to butter and something that I should try and include in my diet. 

    1. Hi there Fiona, thanks for the comment!

      Its really good the avocado oil, and you can buy on any supermarket, i do buy online or in Morrisons.

      If you need any help send me a message.


  2. Hi, I didn’t know there is avocado oil. I love the fruit and eat it since I’m a kid. It is very healthy and a great filler if you live on a low budget.

    The oil of the avocado mut be a great thing too. I want to find some but the expelled type so I can use it for many purposes.

    I now use olive oil, is the avocado oil somehow comparable? I guess the taste is totally different but is it also nice on salad or pasta?

    1. Hi Stefan, avocado can be used in so many ways, the olive oil is somehow comparable to the avocado and i will do a post about it soon.

      The avocado oil is almost the same flavor as the fruit and yeah you can use it on pasta, salads, frying anything you want…

      Check it out soon and i will explain it! 

      Thank you,


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