How Much Water Does The Avocado Have?

The avocados when growing up they need water, but they depend on where they grow in the world.

The avocados are one of the fruits that needs loads of water when growing. In Chile a single avocado might need about 320 litres of water but in Europe a whole Kilogram might need about 1,000 litres of water.

Farmers are worried with the waste of water in producing avocados, but the true is avocados are very good for your body it contains a nutritional value that you can’t find in another vegetable or fruit.

Look at this perspective if you are on a diet and one of the recommended things to do is have high content in fibers and the water footprint in your food to be low.

As you can see 1 avocado as about 54 gallons of water, now when you compare against less than half a chicken it is still not the double but the triple more than a single avocado.

The same goes with 1/3 lb of pork and 1/4 cup of almonds which is not much! Now comparing a single avocado against a 1/3 lb of beef that has 609 gallons of water you can see and have an opinion on what is actually good for you!

Not saying to stop eating beef of course but imagine that you eat a beef burger which is the plainest burger that you can have, you have:

  • Lettuce(15 gallons)
  • Tomato(22 gallons)
  • Wheat Bread(154 gallons)
  • 1/3 lb of beef(609 gallons)

All together you have consumed 800 gallons!

If you having difficulty losing weight try to downsize the water footprint that you are consuming and you will probably see better results on your fight against weight!


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