About Lili

How I Met The Avocado

Hi everyone, my name is Lili.

I discovered the avocado when i was 16, at the time the avocado fruit it wasn’t very popular. My face was in very bad shape, it was completely red, it hurt touching it and constantly rashes keep appearing.

One day a friend of mine told me about the avocados and this homemade cream, i tried it and after one month i saw the amazing results on my face.

The best part was that it not only improved my face, it  had improved all my health problems! I had weight issues, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and my vitamins were always low as i didn’t eat foods that were good for me.

Since then i introduced avocado on my diet day-to-day life.

Avocado Health Benefits

Avocado is known for many reasons.

Avocado can help you improve your health on so many levels:

  • if you are obese, or have difficulty reducing your weight;
  • it will help your heart, as known to reduce your cholesterol;
  • provides protection and helps with age-related diseases;
  • Contains high levels of Vitamin K, which prevents osteoporosis;
  • Prevents breast and prostate cancer;
  • Provides Folate, where it helps with moods and lowers the risk of depression and as well in pregnant women it lowers the risk of miscarriage;
  • Can improve digestion as it have high levels of fiber, like help with constipation and regulating your immune system.


My avocado site is to help everyone who has health problems like i had and promote healthy living.

I want to discover, promote and let you know all the best products avocado has to offer.

All the best,