Top Blenders For Smoothies That You Will Love!

As you know I do smoothies every single day so it’s been a little of a struggle to find the right blender for me. If you are like me I do use the blender for everything from making smoothies to grind meat or chopped food, so I always try to find a blender with more than one multi functional option, I like it to have more than just a single use!
This is my choices that I will advise you to buy when in need to buy a new blender!


This nutribullet 600 watts motor is a great addiction to your kitchen if you don’t feel very comfortable with a better blender or a commercial one. This nutribullet can chopped fruit, your veggie, dried fruits and breaks ice good enough without a problem!

This set includes: high power base, extractor blade, tall cup (680ml), short cup (511ml), lip ring, stay fresh lid, user manual, pocket nutritionist booklet.

I love this blender as well because it is very easy to use and to clean.

It is available on Amazon, click here.

Mini Blender, USB Portable (Pink)

This mini blender is really useful if you like to take your smoothies everywhere, or if you don’t have time and just pack a little container with fruit or veggies and you can do your smoothie at work or after gym in just a minute. It is very handy and very light.

This blender cup is a 10-inch smart designed and contains about 20oz. / 500ml, it has a rechargeable battery easily charged by USB, you can charge with a power bank, laptop, computer, or even your phone.

It is very easy and simple to clean as the body and the bottom can be separated very easily or you can just fill with clean water a blend it until cleaned.

It is available on Amazon, click here.

Kenwood HDP406

This Kenwood HDP406 is one of my favorite blenders around as it is not only to do juices but it has many uses and is very versatile. It can help you prepare anything from veggies, soup, puree, dips, sauces and even mash. This blender has an attachment, the soup XL. This attachment has an extra large foot which can blend soups directly in the pan .

It is available on Amazon, click here.

Vitamix 59712 Standard Blender

Quickly and easily create home-cooked meals using nutritious, whole-food ingredients. With a powerful motor and responsive Variable Speed Control to create various textures, the Certified Reconditioned Standard machine allows you to simplify meal preparation-from chopping to puréeing and more-making it a universal tool in the kitchen.

Whether you’re preparing healthy family meals or entertaining guests, the large-capacity 64-ounce container is ideal for processing large batches. Its two-part lid allows you to safely add ingredients while the machine is running, giving you ultimate control over flavor and texture.

Cleaning is made quick and easy and requires no blade or component disassembly. With a drop of dish soap and warm water, run the machine on High for 30 seconds and rinse for your next use.

Box Contains

1 x Motor base

1 x Cookbook

1 x Getting started guide

1 x DVD

1 x 2 L jug

1 x Tamper

It is available on Amazon, click here


Ninja Multi-Serve 1000W Touchscreen Blender CT610UK

This gorgeous blender is good for you if you know how to use very well the blender world, this blender is very easy to use as is LED touchscreen, this has a programmed settings that does all the work for you or you can use it at your own wish.

Is known for is durability and how versatile it is.

Quickly and consistently blends drinks, desserts, sauces and smoothie recipes to your personal taste, stacked stainless-steel blades and adjustable speed settings are engineered to achieve the good consistency

Distinctive pulse, pause and blend patterns are tailored to deliver the results you want, whether you choose smoothie, frozen drink or puree setting.
I definitely recommend this blender if you want to improve your blender.

It is available on Amazon, click here.

This was my top 5 that I would recommend you, I know some options might not suit you but I tried to suit everyone with different needs.

I hope this post was somehow helpful, comment below and tell me what you think and any different options that you really like!

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4 thoughts on “Top Blenders For Smoothies That You Will Love!”

  1. I’ve always seen fantastic results regarding the nutra-bullet and ninja-bullet. I’ve spent the season working in e-commerce and I can tell you from experience these are in high demand. I’m looking to buy a nutra-bullet myself in time, hopefully around the first couple months of the year. Thank you for the review on the product.

  2. I own a nutribullet. It’s stupid powerful, I love it!

    My girlfriend got a free bag of frozen blackberries with the groceries(bizzarre right?) and we used them to make smoothies. It was delicious, just blackberries and coconut milk. Okay, with a little bit of sugar too.

  3. This article was just what I needed! The blender I have is old and dull. I’m tired of having to use a spoon to do half of the work my blender should be doing! Has anyone tried one of those mini blenders? That would be perfect for on-the-go! I just want to know how efficient they are compared to the Vitamix or Ninja. I’ve tried those, and they rock compared to mine!

    1. The mini blender is good compared to others out there but compared to the Ninja or Vitamix is lacking quality. But to be honest with you you can’t compare really a mini blender to a proper one! The Mini blender is great to go or to do a quick smoothie. If you have any more questions just ask, thank you.

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